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Notion Technologies - Web Design and Development

Notion Technologies

7 Solutions to Boost the User Engagement on the Website

Nowadays competition in the market is fierce with minimum prospects of do-overs. Website users have a variety of options to choose from so because of this it's necessary that websites be developed in a way that these are user friendly, attractive, engaging and assist any visitors at each and every step of the way. By making websites more user-friendly you can captivate a person's eye of the marketplace, retain customers and therefore drive sales along with company growth. Here we�ve arranged seven ways your internet site may become more user-friendly:

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1. A logical layout

Customers take around 50 milliseconds to formulate an impression about a website when they first find it and in accordance with a research by Google; users not just find simpler websites more great looking additionally they prefer stereotypical website layouts that comply with the respective industry�s recommendations as opposed to complex layouts.

Hence, it's imperative that tremendous thought is scheduled in to the site�s organization in order that even first-time users have zero difficulty navigating it.
2. Search and navigation

A way to uplift your website�s usability would be to start using a clearly visible and try to present search tab. By doing so your users are able to find something that interests all of them with ease. Moreover, usability may be increased manifold by making use of search tabs that produce predictions and recall previous searches. This will be relevant since according to statistics; nearly 30% website visitors take advantage of search tabs to get information.

Additionally it is recommended a main all-incompassing navigation tab exists across your web pages. Moreover, the navigation tab must provide usage of all significant pages inside your website because the top made a corner of internet sites get the most attention; our recommendation is that looking, in addition to navigation, be placed on this location. They will be coded in a fashion that enables these to pop-out i.e. users are able to easily locate them. Read out important elements while you design your website.
3. Rich content quality

Content on any website is vital since it gives users grounds to remain and keep coming back. So as to make your website user-friendly; it is recommended that you devise content that is certainly thoroughly in keeping with your company�s branding strategy. It's also advisable that you just conduct rigorous general market trends to spot terminologies your target audience generally uses. This will make it easier for users to understand and relate to your posts. Moreover, the precise focus needs to be made in order to make content as concise as you can.

4. Web site design recommendation

In today�s competitive industry; it is extremely crucial that you have a visually appealing web site design. High-quality web design is surely an instantaneous indicator high quality which enable it to play a crucial role in motivating a user to remain on once they initially land on your internet site. Moreover, it is also direly important that internet design project your company�s image and branding strategy so that as soon as that visitors land on your internet site they can obtain a feel of what your company is all about. This can be accomplished utilizing the colors of your respective company�s logo since the theme for your website. It is usually recommended that you use minimalist approach while designing your internet site mainly because it allows your prospective customers to focus on what�s important as opposed to being overwhelmed with a lot of visual noise. In case your company is one which necessitates the display of your huge selection; it can be advised which you neatly tuck your products range in product categories to ensure that users can select the category of their choice and stay sent to a separate page containing details about the category.

5. Site should be responsive

The number of cellular phone users has surpassed the volume of PC owners and we note that more and more people count on mobiles to gain access to the net. In accordance with a statistic; around 31 million people solely use mobiles to gain access to the net in the usa alone. Hence, websites which are not responsive are loosing from potential sales. While designing mobile websites it is important that the mobile versions be carefully crafted to produce optimum use of smaller screen space. Here, our recommendation is that websites like these be simple and uncluttered and really should include all of the functionalities from the desktop website.

6. Hidden menus

Hidden menus surfaced in 2015 however their appeal has only grown stronger in 2016. Hidden menus are navigations that appear each time a user hovers over the particular part of the website. These menus direct users perfectly into a necessary call to actions regarding that exact section. The usage of these hidden menus not just makes all the website simple to navigate but in addition raises the usability from the website manifolds by giving it an interactive and cognitive feel.
7. Speed analysis

A piece that will stop overrated will be the loading time of internet sites. Studies have shown that 40% of readers leave in case a site takes a lot more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, it is important that the load time is reduced wherever possible to raise your website�s user-friendliness. This is often facilitated simply by using a minimalist way of website design.

Post by notiontechnologies2 (2016-11-26 22:52)

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